Why Socialism Is Not a Good Word To Describe the New Economy Emerging

Bryan Winchell
6 min readFeb 11, 2020

One of the biggest struggles in today’s political landscape is that when we use words such as “socialism” or “capitalism,” they often come with all sorts of baggage and thus don’t communicate what we want to share.

I believe a lot of our challenge now is we are in space between Stories, as writer Charles Eisenstein has described it, where we are moving from a Story of a Separate Self to a Story of Interbeing.

Without diving too deeply into that topic, recently I have been reducing this idea into shorthand by saying we are moving from ‘me’ to ‘WE.’

Point is, it’s a real challenge to put such new ideas into words because words can, if they are used enough, become rigid in our minds and thus not work very well to describe something new on the horizon.

Thus, I think using the term “socialism” to describe what we are headed for is a mistake, as it causes just as much confusion and fear as it does enlightenment and hope.

Notice the Changes In The World To See The New Economy Rising

Thus, what we are making might be easier to grok without language. (Yet here I am using language to help you grok it! The irony!)

Perhaps look around you and perceive how things are shifting.

From my perch as a father and teacher in central Japan, I see it in my students and kids. Compared to my childhood in the 1980s, they are much more into sharing their things with each other or flat out giving them away, because they seem to intuitively recognize that we are all much richer when we share our resources.

In addition, they are using social media (and this includes playing video games, you worried parents!) to make connections with like-minded friends all over the world.

My son is 14 and became friends with a 19-year-old via their shared love of the game “Fortnite” and, after being friends for several months, my son had shared with him that he really wanted an iPhone.

So this friend had just upgraded and he sent his old iPhone to my son in the mail!



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