Why Blocking Art Sucks For Society and For Business

YouTubers are increasingly having their videos blocked or de-monetized for shady, outdated reasons

Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

Why Is this Not a Win-Win? Why Do We Stay Stuck in Win-Lose?

Ultimately, it seems to me to be a win/win. Beato can enjoy making a video, we can enjoy watching it, Beato can gain some business from the video and the artists (or whoever owns the song) can make some money from it.
Yet, for some reason, a number of these companies block these videos from being shared. Let’s be clear, most of the time this is not the musicians themselves who are blocking them, but some old farts in a stuffy office somewhere making the decision.

Copyright Infrigement Claims Also Cloud This Issue Up

But again, it’s not the musicians who make these decisions, it’s someone somewhere in a mysterious den hiding behind often vague copyright laws, and teams of soul-less lawyers who understand that a simple YouTuber is not going to have the time or money to fight them, so they don’t.

Artists Suffer the Most In This Extractive Capitalist System

As an artist, you want your stuff to be shared and enjoyed. I speak as a writer and budding podcaster. I’ve had trouble doing self-promotion over the years because, well, its just is not in my DNA. I’d rather do the art creation.

A Solution?

Davids included a solution in his video that sort of went over my head, but Beato as well as the article I linked talked about how perhaps the best thing to do for creators is to use social media to raise awareness, even contact the artists directly.

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