Using Love to Clear the Cesspool of Social Media

In 1998, I was given a choice— use the Internet to love or to hate? — and choosing love was one of the best choices I’ve ever made

Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

The Pearl of this Post

You can use social media to love each other and it will make your life — and the lives of those you interact with — so much better. Oh, and the world, or at least your perspective on it, will improve, too.

The Giddy Early Days of Social Media When Loving Online Was Easier

Hate Feels Like Crap, Love Is Better … and Pays Off

Methods Of How To Love Online

Five Keys To Loving Online

1. Take a Chance and Reach Out To Someone

Using the Internet with love led to a great cover for my novel!

2. Send Gratitude

3. See Past Disagreements, See The Humanity In Others

Love Ain’t Easy All The Time, But What Have We Got to Lose?

“You can use social media for hate or love, which is it?”

A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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