This “sucker” gets 50 claps without me even clicking on any links.


Because, well, lots of reasons.

First (and foremost?) the Spirit of the sharing, which I can gather from the italicized info at the end: You want to put this out into the world to help people. Not simply because you are in it for yourself. But because you understand that WE are moving toward a place of helping each other means helping ourselves.

Now, maybe I’m getting too hippie dippie with my intuition on this but I don’t think so. Still, I’m a guy who likes to be told when I’m wrong and shown how to correctly re-interpret things so let me know.

Second, because your idea here helps me. You see, I want to use Medium in a different way and this concept of having a book available on Medium, simply by using the technology to create links to your table of contents, well, that it awesome. It also helps me be a bit more organized in how I go about things and that is super valuable. So thanks.

Third, because so much of the content is stuff right up my alley. I see the name Tarnas. And you know what I just got doing? Eating my lunch and ad-libbing a bit for my podcast about astrology by reading the conclusion of Richard Tarnas’ mind-and-soul-expanding book, “Cosmos and Psyche.” Now again, maybe if I click the link it will be to … Becca Tarnas? Don’t even know if I’ve spelled her name right, but Becca is Richard’s daughter and I’ve heard her on one of my favorite astrology/mythology/psychology podcasts, Adam Sommer’s “Holes to Heaven,” which you can see the cover art in the photo below.

Or maybe you are referring to some other Tarnas who I’ve yet to learn about. I doubt it and there’s a reason for my doubt, which leads to the last reason:

I found you and this post because of another podcast, Jessa Reed’s great Soberish podcast (sorry, no pic this time, find it on yer own, wise travelers!), and how she was referring to a “great Medium” article about Trans-surfing.

So I finally searched for Transsurfing on Medium and found your article which lead to this one. Now, I’m going to back to my little workspace and read said article, but all of this is a way of saying that all of these connections can actually lead somewhere, so simply leaving the bread crumb trail can be a huge Service to our fellow humans – and I hope this admittedly babbling response is an example of how the magic of this World of Connections we are creating has Real Life Impacts.

All of that is to say, Thanks for Sharing and I look forward to following your work!


A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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