This is SOOO good, Douglas. Thank you VERY much.

I will admit, when I read it initially a few days ago, I got a good chuckle and realized it was satire and there was much Truth within it, I was a little bit unsure of what you were trying to communicate.

So I greatly appreciated your elaborations on the podcast, which, sorry to cut out the promotions, but for those pressed for time, are from like the 2:35 to 9:20 mark.

The following is what I shared when I shared the article and the podcast link to my social media page. For a little clarity, I had a very challenging week with a few friends, one friend in particular, over the debacle in Iowa.

I’m an earnest, honest Bernie Bad Ass (Bros and Babes and All Types Included!) and while I wasn’t surprised at what went down in Iowa, it was more disturbing that some of my friends wanted to stay in denial about how deep the corruption is, in spite of my hard work sharing links like to Lee Fang’s article on The Intercept, Mehdi Hasan’s six-minute video on “Mayor Pete: Flip-Flopper-in-Chief” and anything else I could find from reputable reporters to show just how bad things have gotten in the Establishment wing of the Democratic Party.

One friend in particular, one of my better in 3d world friends (hard to come by as I live in a part of Japan where there are few English speakers who stick around for more than a year or two), was extra challenging and I spent Friday night tossing and turning and woke, as I often do, in the wee hours and posted a meme, saying “Mayor Pete is a sneaky, slimy snake.”

This got some pushback as you might expect and which I was fine with. Anyway, that’s what I am referencing in my comments to my friends.

Okay, the comment.


I know I can get VERY fiery on social media but it’s always in the spirit of something I care deeply about.

I do this because I’m not only on Team Human, I’m on Team Life.

Am I perfect in how I express my Fire? Absolutely not.

But rest assured, I don’t post things like my “Mayor Pete is a sneaky, slimy snake” meme from yesterday without giving it A LOT of thought (or losing sleep over it!). I will admit I do it sometimes to yell “ATTENTION” … because I am seeing how some people who I consider allies may be falling under the spell of something that I see as false, something that I think we must avoid.

Sure, it’s not nice to call people a snake, at least in that way (because snakes are way cool in other ways!). But if I see a person who is attempting to move our collective future down a dangerous path in a way to service his own desire for power, you bet I’m going to speak up about them.

The good thing about me, and I promise this is true, is I can take and invite disagreement! I grew up in a family that had great dinner table discussions that sometimes turned into debates. Will I get angry sometimes? Sure! Will I say something ungraceful? Probably!

But it’s ALL done in the Spirit of growth, mine and, I hope, yours. I never do these things to harm others.

(From here on out is a bit of self-promoting but it’s All in the spirit of fun and also in what I am calling the Rise of the We Economy. One of the things I plan to do with my work is promote the work of others, to cross-collaborate. But yeah, the point of response to Doug’s post is over, the rest is about the crazy stuff I am up to! Read on … if you dare … 😊)

Okay, I’m gonna do something else, something off social media. As a social butterfly who loves to read and write, Facebook is wonderful but also can REALLY take away from my time doing other things, including writing articles for this very site, Medium, that I posted Doug’s article from, the site I am trying to at least turn into one of my regular sources of income. Last I checked, after one week, I am knocking on the door of…


Seriously, though, I’m only getting started over there. I invested some money into taking a course on how to make it pay reasonably well and am barely into the course. I’m still finishing up with my regular job(s) here, and also planning my cross-country train journey to the “belly of the beast” (USA 2020!) and also creating a podcast, working on some e-books, being a dad and cleaning up my dog’s poop! And that doesn’t include cycling, playing park golf, listening to podcasts, live concerts, new albums and….phew…time for bed again!

But it’s all being built and feels right on time. So keep an eye out to my page if you like my writing and even if you wanna listen to my crazy podcast.

It really is a unique podcast – -I’ve been a podcast addict for over 10 years and I think I am actually doing something no one’s done before.

Okay, this is getting too promotional, self-serving and fucking long, so, read this article by Doug and then listen to his podcast, Team Human. It’s been a favorite for a few years now! Douglas Rushkoff and his many guests are voices of sanity in the madness…

A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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