This is so disturbing.

Unfortunately, due to an experience I had in December when I met a native of India here in Japan, I am not too surprised.

For he told me that things in India were really boiling over and that Americans really have little idea because we are often too focused on our own country.

I think this is true everywhere, though. Much as our globe is interconnected now, our daily lives are still lived in our local areas. So it is natural to be concerned with local events.

I’m in an odd place in that I have lived in Japan for 15 years but besides natural disasters like the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and tsunami which led to the Fukushima nuclear disaster, or the recent events surrounding the Coronavirus here, I generally follow events in my home country more than here.

But still, there’s a whole big world out there and India is the world’s largest democracy, with over 1 billion people. Its also one of the oldest and most vibrant cultures.

There are many things about the country that I find extremely fascinating and I want to visit there someday.

Anyway, all this is my of saying thank you for sharing this article. I will be following your work and doing my best to pay at least some attention to news from that part of the world and to share it with others.

A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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