The 5 Best Progressive Politics Podcasts of 2020

Bryan Winchell
7 min readFeb 12, 2020
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Ever since the mid 1990s when, as a journalism and political science major, I discovered Democracy Now! on Los Angeles’ totally listener-funded Pacifica radio station (KPFK), I’ve been a supporter of independent journalism.

Having access to such journalism, which is not corrupted by the influence of corporate ownership and advertisers, has had a big influence on shaping my worldview and informing me about just how often the regular, oligarch-owned news media distorts the truth to serve its agenda. Or sometimes flat-out lies.

It was because of that access that I was able to better make sense of the 2000 presidential election debacle, the various misdeeds surrounding 9/11 and the outright lies that pushed America into the fateful war in Iraq in spring 2003.

So it was that in 2006 I found a new type of media which has been informing my perspective ever since: podcasts.

But with the 2020 election beginning with the idiotic Iowa debacle last week, and the way that so many smart people I know seem unaware of just how many aspects of that story suggest the Democratic Establishment was more than merely incompetent, well, it seems more important than ever for me to share some alternative media sources that can help a person have a bigger perspective on all that is going down.

Before I do, though, let me be clear: these are additions to whatever sources you currently use. I’m not trying to replace your media, or tell you you are wrong for using it. Instead, I think if you gave some of these podcasts just a little bit of your time, you’ll start to recognize that many of the mainstream sources are just not covering a lot of these stories with the sort of critical eye that real journalism requires.

You can decide from there what to do with the new perspective (perhaps one thing you’ll decide is my work is worth following!).

For now, here are the five progressive politics podcasts of 2020 that I think are most worth your attention. They are in no particular order; all provide valuable lenses with which to gaze at our increasingly hazy political world.

The Benjamin Dixon Show



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