Thank YOU, Lauren.

Having been a reasonably regular reader of yours for over a year now, I think our politics are pretty similar and I just wanted to thank you for making the BEST case to me to actually take the time and pony up the approximately three dollars to send in my ballot from overseas here in Japan.

I've been getting mostly shaming from (mostly) good friends on social media (mostly Facebook) for me saying I'm debating whether I will even send in my ballot because I vote in Washington state and, well, not only do I have A LOT of disdain for and lack of belief in Biden/Harris, but I'm equally concerned about the direction of the Democrats as a whole and the Democrats in Washington state. In addition, unlike in years past where ballot initiatives made me excited to vote, this year I don't see any that fit that bill.

In short, I feel I don't have anything to vote FOR.

But your article was the first one I've seen that made the case for me--just close my eyes and fill in Biden/Harris and then do my usual thing on the rest, which is to vote for a few people or issues I sorta like, write-in Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain and my brother in three of the areas where people are running unopposed and send it in. So it will be done. Today.

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