Thank you for writing this, Zhiwa Woodbury.

I definitely perceive a rise of the Divine Feminine in our world and in myself.

An increased sense of empowered compassion, guided by intuition and working in partnership with Mother Earth.

I believe it needs to be made clear, though, that the Feminine and the Masculine are archetypal energies within each of us. While I absolutely encourage the women on our planet to express the Divine Feminine in powerful ways as your article reports, this doesn’t mean men are unable to do their part in tearing down the toxic patriarchy and replacing it with a world in alignment and balance.

Anyway, great piece!

I believe this poem I wrote fits the theme of this piece, so would like to share it with you and your readers:

A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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