Terence McKenna, R.I.P.

Psychedelic visionary explored mind-expanding drugs, the Amazon rain forest, the end of time and, now, death.

A mural of the Kalakala. (drums400 via Wikipedia, CC BY SA 4.0)

Maintain Your Humanness, Don’t Let Culture Defeat You

While mainstream culture would like to ignore McKenna’s contributions to the intellectual world — writing him off as a crazy whack who ingested too many drugs — the reality is that McKenna’s words have inspired countless legions of people around the world to explore their consciousness and to resist buying into everything our society would have us believe. He taught us that to be more human is the greatest thing we can do in our short time here on Earth.

First Time Traveler From April 2020 Intrusion

One can listen for weeks to his talks on the excellent, long-running Psychedelic Salon podcast.

Second Time Traveler From April 2020 Intrusion

I live in Japan. Cannabis is still extremely illegal here. Getting caught with even a leaf will lead to lots of bad shit. I’ve heard prison, hard labor and oral sex with sheep. Not cool. Anyway, I don’t mess around with it here as a result.

McKenna And Other 20th Century Greats Promoted Psychedelics

McKenna was not the first 20th-century individual to speak excitedly about the possibilities of psychedelics. In the early 1960s, psychologists were making groundbreaking progress in their field by using LSD and psilocybin.

The Stoned Ape Theory

Before our culture developed its puritanical attitude toward getting stoned, he wrote, we were primitive creatures living in the trees and eating plants. As we evolved, our diet changed. We discovered mushrooms growing in the waste of cattle and those who ate these magic mushrooms benefited in three ways: First, their visual acuity was improved with small doses, which increased hunting success; second, at slightly higher doses sexual arousal occurred, which increased reproductive success; and third, at even higher doses, psilocybin “triggers this activity in the language-forming capacity of the brain that manifests itself as song and vision.” All three of these things greatly advanced our evolution, McKenna argued.

Last Intrusion From the 2020 Time Traveler, I Promise

One of McKenna’s successors, Daniel Pinchbeck, has done some very fascinating speculating on what actually occurred in 2012 in two essays he published in 2019, The Occult Control System: UFOs, aliens, other dimensions, and future timelines, and 2012 Revisited: Prophecy and Transformation at the End of Time. He suggests that 2012 was a turning point into a new relationship with Time and, well, I tend to agree with him.

The Four Forces Impacting Our Future, According to Terence

Are McKenna’s theories too out there for you? Well, McKenna was always one to try to put difficult concepts in the most easily understood language. He suggested four areas that will have a huge impact on our future and could possibly lead to his predicted end date. They are: feminism, cybernetics, space travel and consciousness expansion.

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