My Many Minds About RFK Jr. For President

Is he an American Empire destroyer? A false prophet? A wounded healer? A free speech protector? A technocratic wet dream? Or all of the above? Who knows!

Bryan Winchell


Note #1: The original note on this post was a mistake. I’m free and doing great. Sorry if you read it and felt any worry.

Note #2: I plead insanity on this one, but I beg you to take everything written completely seriously. Your life may depend upon it. Or not.

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Written on a sultry Saturday night from my hillside hovel in central Japan on the ledge of Leo Season in 2023, the following thoughts are by no means all of my ruminations on RFK Jr as a candidate for president of the Good Ol’ US of A.

In addition, I reserve the right to claim that I was buggered beyond belief on a chemical cocktail of undefined genius and ill repute when I am brought in front of the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Insectoid Intelligence for crimes against the State which include, but are not limited to, desire for sedition, seduction, and celebration…

Yes, it seems everyone and their donkey is creating media about RFK Jr and more than 77.92 percent of it is completely fabricated, so why not add my 33 yen to the kitty?

Basically, I am of more minds than an earthworm, which means some of this might be coming out of my backside.

Now, with all of these disclaimers out of the way, here are just 10 of my many minds:

Mind #1

One mind says this is the 2016 Election on steroids, a fitting end to the run of Pluto through Capricorn and the United States’ Pluto Return, and this means all of those media pundits who are laughing about even the possibility of RFK Jr. winning are some of our most dense morons, the kind of people who cause better writers than me to coin phrases about not learning from history and thus repeating it.

In short, yes, I think there’s a somewhat realistic chance of RFK Jr. being the Democratic nominee one year from now.

And then becoming president.

I’m probably wrong, probably guilty of confusing my hopes with accurate…



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