My Fellow White Brothers And Sisters, Can We At Last Do The Work To End This Nightmare?

My experience of the two-tiered justice system in the 1990s convinces me it’s time we white, privileged folks abolish this “justice” system

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Remembering Tonya Cameron And The Racist Harassment She Endured Because She Was Black

The closest I ever came was the four years when I had a black girlfriend in Los Angeles in the mid-1990s. I loved her dearly; she was a courageous, sweet artist with a heart of fire, a gal who sometimes would take in homeless people to our small, Hollywood apartment to feed or shelter them, if only for a few hours.

Ponder that again: She was guilty of being black. That’s it.

They let her go, but they didn’t apologize. They gave me something approaching an apology, but only because I am white.

Two Tiers of Justice Experienced First-Hand

My last days of living in Los Angeles were punctuated by spending three harrowing nights in a downtown Los Angeles jail going cold turkey from heroin and cocaine addiction. Those were extremely important nights in my biography. Many things happened.

What We White People Can Do

I am praying every night that this is it, that 2020 is the year this System is abolished once and for all. To do that, I think we white people are going to have to do three things:

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