Kathy, THANK YOU for sharing that.

I have read your posts for, I believe, a year or so and always consider you to be a very funny and insightful writer about our current tragicomedy. Or is it a comic tragedy?

Of course, both.

And these days, I feel it is helpful to approach it with Light, meaning some humor and wit but also with some heartfelt sorrow. On a deeper level, I believe that we are being asked to be more open and vulnerable.

A good friend of mine on Facebook (yet to meet in person) told me earlier this year that my posts where I talk openly about my vulnerabilities resonate really strongly for him and I’ve heard other people, such as podcasters and bloggers, talk about having the same reflections coming back to them.

Anyway, I think your sharing here is an example of that. I am one of those “not religious but spiritual” types … ha ha … so if you don’t mind, I will pray for your grandkid (sorry, too much green weed inhaled in my life has done some work on the ole memory and I cannot go back to check if you said grandson, or granddaughter or plural! D’oh! Not to worry, I’ll check before I employ the Pony Express Prayer Donkeys! Wouldn’t Want to send those guys astray; they can get vengeful, known to gnaw off toes and fingers for the smallest of mistakes!).

Okay, hang in there, please keep writing, I will, too (about to write a heartfelt post I’ve been holding off on because it will hurt titled “The Tragedy of Barack Obama: Why the ex-President is a leading figure (and cause of) the fall of the American Empire.” I know it will get some pushback but it is very earnest and I have both personal reasons and, I think, objective ones for believing it.).

Much love,


A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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