I’ve been telling people all along that if Joe Biden becomes the nominee, the Democratic Party will have assigned itself to the dustbin of history.

Because the dude has no chance of beating Trump. It’s bad enough that the Democratic Establishment couldn’t ride the coattails of Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, their supposed great presidents of the neoliberal era, to victories in 2000 and 2016, losing to George W. Bush and Donald Trump but then, in 2004, they gave the country John Kerry and lost – and now it looks like they are going to deliver Dementia Joe to be sacrificed on their altar of protecting their interests.

Because ultimately, they all gathered behind Joe not because they think he will beat Trump, but because they knew Bernie could beat him and thus take their power away.

It is laughable to see folks like James Carville getting behind Joe and will only become more funny the deeper this goes.

At some point, the only way I can keep my sanity is by cackling like a loon at this nonsense!

A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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