Golden Week In Japan Ain’t So Golden in 2020

An Update of Life in the Land of the Rising Sun After Two Full Months in the Coronavirus Era

Parks like this one are still open in Gunma, Japan, but folks are mostly staying home. (Bryan Winchell)

10 Weeks? Only 10 Weeks? Feels Like 10 Years!

Yes, it was 10 weeks ago on Thursday, February 27th when Prime Minister Shinzo Abe requested at a press conference all public schools to shut down through March, abruptly ending the school year as well as my 15-year career as a public school teacher. (A run-down of that crazy first weekend can be found in my blog post below).

April 2020: Things Start to Move Faster

On April 3rd, the government extended an entry ban to 73 countries. A few days later, Tuesday, April 7th, the prime minister declared a state of emergency for Tokyo and the prefectures of Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo and Fukuoka.

I was enjoying some time at the river when I heard the prime minister would declare the first state of emergency. (Bryan Winchell)

A Slow-Moving Earthquake

After that initial, shocking change at the end of February, life hardly changed in Japan in March. While the kids couldn’t attend regular classes, teachers like me were required to go to school throughout the month.

A surreal empty schoolyard in March 2020 in Japan. (Bryan Winchell)
My Facebook page has definitely seen me exercising my opinions! (Bryan Winchell)
Park golf is closed during the best season to play but…
…regular golf is still open. Wonder why? (Bryan Winchell)
I really dig purple flowers! (Bryan Winchell)
One of my favorite “tree tunnels” on the Tone River bike path south of my house. (Bryan Winchell)
The aforementioned Tone River rolls past the prefectural government building in Maeabashi. (Bryan Winchell)

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