First, solid article.

Are you aware of Integral Theory?

For those who aren’t, it has a few key proposals which relate to this idea I’ve highlighted.

First, it proposes that evolution occurs in not just the external world but in the inner one of consciousness. And this occurs individually and collectively.

Second, collectively, we’ve been moving through six worldviews for thousands of years, what are called the First Tier, but now the leading edge of consciousness – called Integral – is in the Second Tier.

In the First Tier, those in each worldview believe that their worldview is correct and others are not. Thus, each have an inherent fundamentalism which pits them against each other. This explains the Culture Wars.

What distinguishes Second Tier worldviews from First Tier, is the awareness that these tiers of consciousness exist. Thus, the goal of the Integral worldview is to go back to each of the previous worldviews and integrate what is good from them, while dropping what isn’t. (This is a simplified version of this discernment process).

I tend to believe that the move into Second Tier, which is only in its infancy, will radically shift human civilization and thus is perfectly aligned with this idea that we are entering a new Age of Aquarius.

That all said, while I’m an optimist at heart, I’m also a realist who recognizes how slowly things such as a collective culture change (comes with the territory for a guy with a natal Capricorn sun/moon/Jupiter conjunction and Mercury at 0 degrees of Cap). Thus, I believe the next few decades will be filled with starts and stops as we move through this huge shift from one Great Age to another. After all, consider how when winter turns to spring, it doesn’t just go from cold and barren overnight to warm and full of new life. The weather tends to be volatile in mid-March to mid-April, thus this 100–200 year window of transition shares such characteristics. Perhaps December 21, 2020 is like the Age of Aquarius March 21st, but that means these changes are going to take several decades.

I’d like to think that the collective awakening into Integral consciousness will take place in this time. It’s said that only 10 percent of the population needs to be at the cutting edge of consciousness for it to make a big impact and this last occurred with PostModern in the 1960s. Leading Integral Theorists suggest that this may occur with Integral sometime around the 2040s. Perhaps so, perhaps it will come into being faster because the converging crises of our era require it. Only time will tell.

A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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