Excellent, if a bit laborious in terms of the syntax. But a careful read made it clear enough for me.

Thing is, a medical technocracy is an extremely clever, and nefarious, update of the same argument that Americans like myself who grew up in the Reagan-Era 1980s got regarding why we shouldn’t try marijuana or psychedelics: It’s for your safety! You’ll go crazy! You’ll drop out of society because such substances make you lazy!

And when those threats stop working, it’s simply: It’s the law and if you violate it, you’ll be thrown into the American Gulag, which has more people in it per capita than any nation on the planet. Land of the Free?

Yeah, okay.

Home of the Brave?

No, more like home of the traumatized.

Not to worry, of course, for if you sign (your Soul) on the dotted line, you’ll be rewarded … no, not with a steady job and a social safety net (what, do you think we are commies?) … but with the promise that you can bloat yourself on cheap, shitty, but delicious food, rack up a credit card debt buying cheap electronics and clothing made by our recently outsourced jobs to Chinese slaves … er, happy workers joining the global economy! … and when you become sick, a health care system that costs at least double the amount of anywhere else … but don’t lose your job or you lose that!

A great deal, right?

And now that you’ve agreed, well, we just haven’t yet sucked enough Life Force out of you, so our pals in China have worked together with us to design a, umm, virus, and yes, in order to be safe from this thing that most of you will never get and that 90 percent of you who do will survive, well, here’s a new dotted line to sign so you can stick around in this wonderful world we’ve designed and this time you’ve no choice in the matter! Sign it or be claimed a bio terrorist!

Woo hoo! What a world!

(Yes, this is my attempt to say the same thing as this article but through a different lens. Point is, this “new normal” is a tired old game and should be rejected by anyone with a head, heart or soul.)

A Serious Fool who writes about: Personal/collective growth, politics, love of Nature/Humanity, Japan, podcasting, humor, and being a hippie in Service to Life.

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